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Lower Elementary

Accountability and self-motivation are integral to the Lower Elementary program. Students at this age are curious and eager to learn about the world around them. They work independently to complete research and creative writing. img_3350img_3321Each child has a schedule for the week and is responsible for completing the necessary work on time. In the mixed-aged classroom, younger children are inspired by watching older children at work; those who are capable of understanding more complicated concepts can join more advanced lessons.

Some children become so inspired that they create their own books or learn new math facts so they can perform more challenging work. It is not unusual to find WMS third graders who understand basic algebraic equations.

In addition to academic work, Lower Elementary students develop important social skills. Through weekly classroom community meetings, they discuss and solve problems and focus on individual responsibility and democratic decision-making.

The Lower Elementary Curriculum Guide outlines our academic goals for students in this level.

Lower Elementary Signature Experiences enhance the experience for LE students.