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Give Local 2019

Teachers at Washington Montessori School live by these words every day. They nurture and challenge students to grow into the best versions of themselvestrusting, as they do so, in the natural development of awareness, curiosity, independence, and, indeed, beauty, in each of our studentsall of which fully blossoms after our children leave us, and as their lives unfold across the years ahead.

It is a remarkable gift these teachers give us. And while the gesture may feel small, we would like to recognize our teachers’ hard work and unwavering commitment to our children’s growth by building them a “garden” of their own. To enjoy now—and whenever they may need a reminder of their legacy.

As we join the greater community in taking part in next week’s Give Local, our students and parents will be busy making beautiful flowers for our teachers. Our goal is to shower them each with hundreds of flowers and words of inspiration. You can keep track of how our garden is blooming, by logging on to washingtonmontessori.org or following us on Facebook starting at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, April 23 through 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24.

You may show your appreciation for our teachers by making an Annual Fund gift in their honor during this 36-hour period.

We’ve set a $30,000 goal for this year’s Give Local initiative, which will help us get closer to our end of year goal. We are delighted to once again have several generous donors who have pledged $10K in Matching Funds, so every gift is worth that much more.

Please, if you’ve not yet supported the WMS Annual Fund this year, or would consider another small donation, join us in making a gift through Give Local, and help us show our teachers how much they mean to us.

We invite you to visit our Give Local page to plan your gift.