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Music Lessons

We currently are happy to offer private Suzuki guitar and Suzuki violin lessons to Lower School and Lower Elementary students, and private piano lessons to Elementary and Middle School students. Individual lessons have an additional fee and are by appointment only. Guitar lessons are taught by Andy LaFreniere, Director of the Suzuki Talent Education School in Newtown.  Suzuki violin lessons are taught by Juilliard graduate and Grammy award winner James Czeiner who is also a WMS parent. Piano lessons are taught by Oksana Protenik who has taught students at a variety of levels. To learn more about individual music lessons and to register please email Matilda Giampietro at mgiampietro@washingtonmontessori.org or Chrissy Gorbecki at cgorbecki@washingtontmontessori.org
Fee/Sign-ups Only