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Outdoor Play


Outdoor Play is an opportunity for students grades 1 through 8 to begin their day exploring the woods around school, playing cooperative games and fully immersing themselves in the natural world. Tim Walsh is the dad of 6th Graders Sloane and Bodhi and has been working with youth for over 25 years as an outdoor educator and professional mentor. He holds multiple advanced certifications in outdoor skills instruction and wilderness first aid.

This is a free program for students, but we do ask for parents to sign up their children at the Front Desk.

Children can be dropped off at the tennis courts at 7:30. Tim will escort the group to classes at 8:20. This program is rain or shine! Please be sure to have your child dressed for the weather. One key element of this experience will be learning to enjoy the outdoors in all types of conditions. There is no such thing as bad weather, just improper clothing! Also, please be sure they have an extra set of clothes in their classroom to change into if needed.