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Parent Education

WMS is a source of support and education for parents, as well as students. We believe that educating children requires partnership and trust among teachers, administrators and parents. With that in mind, we offer a variety of parent education opportunities throughout the year, including WMS’s program offerings, as well as discussion and education about other relevant and timely parenting topics. All parent education opportunities are open to the public, so you are welcome to bring a friend or spread the word. 

Back to School Night
THURSDAY, 9.12.19 FROM 6:30 TO 8 PM
Back to School Night is an opportunity to meet your children’s teachers and to hear specific plans for their upcoming year. Parents will also hear from Head of School Carney O’Brien and Board Chair Coco Sellman. Please note that the format for Back to School Night is different from past years. (The evening will not conclude with a reception.) Please arrive for a prompt 6:30 p.m. start in the the Legacy Theater. 

Wednesdays at WMS: Montessori 101 with Pat Werner
WEDNESDAY, 9.25.19 AT 8:45 AM
Maybe you’re new to WMS or maybe you’ve been here for a few years.  Either way, are you curious about the purpose of practical life? Do you wonder what sensitive periods are or why classes are mixed ages?  Join former Head of School, Pat Werner, for a brief but comprehensive explanation of both the basics principles and the value of Montessori Education.

Parenting Unplugged
Parenting Unplugged is a casual-yet-informative, supportive-yet-fun way to gather with fellow WMS parents and dish on the ups and downs of parenting. We all know parenting can be as stressful as it is joyful, as challenging as it is rewarding. Whether our children are in YCC or Middle School, we parents need all the help we can get. It truly does take a village. Fortunately for us at WMS, we have one!
     Parenting Unplugged is a safe place to gather, unwind and talk. Whether you come weekly or just once in a while, whether you speak up, or just listen, there is always much to gain. We also laugh a lot! Last year, the topics covered included everything from device time to discipline, from instilling values in our children to better communication strategies to taking better care of ourselves. And so much more.
     Parenting Unplugged will be facilitated by WMS mom and Martha Beck certified life coach, Tal Fagin. As a coach, Tal works with clients one-on-one and in group settings, helping others to pin-point and solve problems, and to devise and implement simple, time-tested strategies that help people live fuller, freer, more balanced and joyful lives.


Lower School Classroom Family Visits 
THURSDAY, 10.10.19 FROM 8:45 TO 9:45 AM
Family Night for Lower School students has been changed to Lower School Classroom Family Visits and will now be held from 8:45 -9:45 a.m. We believe that the morning is a better time for our youngest children to enjoy sharing their classroom and their work with their parents.  


Elementary Family Night
THURSDAY, 10.10.19 FROM 6:30 TO 7:30 PM
As usual, Family Night for Elementary Students will remain from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Elementary Family Night offers children an opportunity to share their classroom and their work with their families.


Learning How to Manage Uncomfortable Emotions with Barrie Birge, WMS Past Parent and LMSW, RTT, C.Hyp
TUESDAY, 10.22.19 AT 8:45 AM
Do you love watching your children in the playground, or at a playdate, until the playing is interrupted by conflict? How do you feel when you see your child taking a toy away from another, or having their special toy stolen away? What do you think when you notice your child being left out of a game? How do parents effectively navigate these moments among themselves? Instead of getting sucked into negative drama, which ends up stressing you out, discover easy strategies to express how you feel. Tweak your communication skills so that you feel heard and empowered while being respectful and kind.    


The Voyage
The Voyage is a great way to learn more about the WMS curriculum – it is an opportunity to get your hands on our educational materials. For a half-day, you will play the role of a student, beginning at the YCC level and sequentially proceeding through Lower School, Lower and Upper Elementary and concluding as a Middle Schooler. All areas of the curriculum will be available. This experience is a very effective way to get a strong sense for our academic program. We encourage parents to attend The Voyage at least once during their children’s WMS careers. 


Internet Safety Presentation
TUESDAY, 11.5.19 FROM 8:30 TO 10 AM
Scott Driscoll of “Internet Safety Concepts” will present two talks for students 5th Grade and up. Parents are encouraged to attend the 8:30 a.m. talk for the 7th & 8th Graders, as well as a parent-only Q&A Session at 9:30 a.m. Parents are welcome to stay and hear the 5th & 6th Grade version of the talk if they’d like. 


Parent Book Discussions with Amy Julia Becker
“The Self Driven Child; The Science and Sense of Giving Your Child More Control Over Their Lives”
by William Stixrud PhD
TUESDAY, 11.12.19 AT 8:45 AM
Please join WMS parent Amy Julia Becker for a discussion of “The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving Your Kids More Control over Their Lives” by William Stixrud, PhD, and Ned Johnson. Everyone is welcome! Together we will explore our current “age of anxiety” among both kids and parents. We will talk about how to empower our children to grow in independence and confidence, manage stress in a healthy way, and thrive as individuals within families and communities.


Fast Family Meal Prep with ACTIVE by Altorelli Health
THURSDAY, 11.14.19 AT 8:45 AM
A health & nutrition class focused on meal preparation for busy families. Learn tips and tricks through this 45-minute interactive education and discussion session. Covering topics of adult nutrition, childhood nutrition, and creating & preparing healthy meals. The class is designed to help with time management, healthy option swaps and weight management. 


Level Information Nights
The purpose of these meetings is to present our approach to teaching at each level and to help you, as parents, feel comfortable as you preview materials and learn about you child’s next step at WMS. The presentations are made by the teachers. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting if they have a child moving up, but anyone is welcome and encouraged to come to any and all of the sessions. These are a great way to see what lies ahead for your child, and to understand more about the continuity of a WMS education.


Wednesdays at WMS: Montessori at Home with Myrna Kenausis & Pat Werner
WEDNESDAY, 1.15.20 AT 8:45 AM
Many people don’t realize that Maria Montessori’s theories are also concepts you can successfully integrate at home. By preparing and structuring your home environment to facilitate exploration, you can provide your child with practical opportunities to master skills, experience independence, and feel like an important and useful member of the family.  Lower School Head Teacher, Myrna Kenausis, and WMS Head of School Emeritus will discuss how you can incorporate the Montessori approach to learning in your home.


CPR Training For Parents 
CPR Training includes adult, child and infant CPR and how to use the AED. The Heimlich Maneuver is also reviewed. Participants will receive a 2-year certification. There is a $90 fee for this course.


Green Swap Cleaning Products Workshop with ACTIVE by Altorelli Health
TUESDAY, 2.4.20 AT 8:45 AM
Create a sample low cost green cleaning solution during this workshop and learn simple ways to swap out everyday items for more environmentally friendly options. Discussion topics will also include the effects of BPAs, synthetic fragrance, and parabens along with ways to lower the toxic load of your home in this 90-minute session.