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Pat Werner Fund Giving Categories

There are many traditions and events that make up the WMS experience for our children and our community. We are deeply grateful to our committed and generous donors for making these possible. This quasi-endowed board-directed fund is not only a gift that will mean the world to Pat, it’s a statement about our collective belief in the power of WMS and its reputation among independent schools. Thank You for all you have done and continue to do in support of our mission.

The Pat Werner Circle
Celebrating donors whose philanthropy makes a transformative impact on the future of WMS, The Pat Werner Circle recognizes benefactors who make gifts to the PWF of $50,000 and more. Pat’s Fund will help WMS develop the clout to move the needle towards WMS’s financial independence, allow the school to take intelligent risks in curriculum and programming, and secure its existing families and staff.

As part of this fund—and in line with Pat’s vision—we have created several WMS Opportunity Awards/Scholarships for qualified students who embody the virtues valued and modeled in our Middle School program: responsibility, collaboration, curiosity and respect.

This level of commitment ensures the legacy Pat Werner has created during her 43 years leading WMS.

The Finish Line© Society

The Finish Line© Society honors philanthropic individuals who lead the way in sustaining the WMS experience for generations to come. A revered symbol within the WMS community, the Finish Line© remembers Teddy Ebersol ’04, who said “The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race” during his WMS graduation speech. WMS graduates, since 2004, have stepped across a finish line to symbolize readiness for their next challenge.

The WMS Partners Society
At the heart of the WMS experience is a deeply-rooted community of educators, students, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents and friends. Our students benefit from a personalized program, dedicated teachers and a carefully-considered curriculum that inspires them to become creative and independent thinkers. Working in partnership with students and families, teachers build trusting and long- lasting relationships. With this in mind, The WMS Partners Society recognizes the generosity of donors who have made significant gifts to the PWF.

The 1965 Society
Established in 1965 by Elvira and Otis Charles as a nursery school in a church basement, Washington Montessori School, over 50 years, has evolved into one of the country’s premier Montessori schools, serving students from 18 months to 8th Grade. Gifts to The 1965 Society enable WMS to set and attain new levels of excellence in Montessori education.

The Dogwood Society
A stately Dogwood tree punctuated the old Washington Montessori School campus. Bearing a strong crooked limb, at the perfect height for ambitious young climbers, the Dogwood was a favorite perch for WMS students and the preferred backdrop for graduation portraits. So beloved, it would become (and remains) the emblem of our school. The Dogwood Society recognizes gifts that create countless opportunities, in and out of classrooms, that define the WMS experience for our children.

The Maypole Circle
Each June, as many of our students prepare to move up to their next grade levels, they participate in WMS traditions that have stayed the course of time. The Maypole dance is one of these, performed by our Lower School students as they mark their significant leap forward to Elementary School. Donors at this level help us maintain important traditions.

The Blue & White Club
Wearing our distinctive colors of blue and white, generations of WMS students have taken to athletic fields and courts, developing their athletic skills, their teamwork, and their self-confidence. In or out of uniform, on or off the field, WMS students are talented, spirited and competitive. Performing and competing bolsters confidence, which spills over into the classroom, and into life beyond our hallways. We are grateful to donors who support our programs.

The Golden Bead Club
Named after the iconic Montessori material that translates the abstract idea of “one” to a concrete object, the Golden Bead Club recognizes gifts of $150 to $499. As all Montessori students know, golden beads are strung together to make long and impressive chains. What a concrete way of showing how important gifts of any size are, and we celebrate each donor.

The Opening Bell Club
up to $149
Each new school year is celebrated by our community during The Opening Bell ceremony. With Middle School students leading the procession, all of our children, level by level, join in until the entire school community is walking together. Once gathered, Pat (and soon Carney) welcomes everyone to the new school year, and rings the Opening Bell. Each and every donor at this level takes us a step closer to our goals.