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Running Club


Led by Physical Education Teacher and avid runner Mimi Gillen, the WMS Running Club is modeled after the national KidsMarathon program. All members of the WMS community are invited to take part in this program. Runners meet before school Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Over the course of eight weeks, runners will have completed a full marathon-26.2 miles! This program meets year-round and often runners participate in local running events.

Teachers notice a huge difference in focus and attention during the morning work cycle for kids who’ve started the day on the track.

Look for the bandana in the Main Driveway. A green bandana means Running Club is meeting at Pat’s Track; a red bandana means Running Club is meeting in the gymnasium.

Runners need to wear proper footwear. Sometimes the track is wet, so it’s a good idea to bring dry socks and shoes.

Lower School students must be accompanied by an adult. (Parents don’t have to run, but are welcome to run or walk the track while waiting.) LS students must be escorted to their classrooms by an adult. Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School students may attend Running Club without adult supervision, but they must check-in with Mimi before running and before leaving for their classrooms.