Lower Elementary Program Washington, CT

Developmentally, the Elementary years mark a period of physical stability and an increased intellectual curiosity. These are children’s “years of plenty,” according to Dr. Montessori. “During these years children are capable of accomplishing a great deal of mental work.” A three-year cycle for students aged 6 to 9, our Lower Elementary program balances a vigorous academic curriculum with many enrichment opportunities to appeal to the energy and social nature of students. In many ways, a Lower Elementary classroom is a microcosm of the real world. Just as adults need to balance different aspects of their lives, students in Lower Elementary are learning to balance assignments and free choice, working and socializing, building on strengths, and trying work that is more challenging for them. 

The prepared environment of a Lower Elementary classroom encourages freedom of movement and allows children to make choices about their class work, including where, when and with whom they complete it. This is the time when children begin to develop strong social ties with peers, and issues of fairness and justice become very important. Learning life-long skills to sustain good relationships is fundamental to our Lower Elementary program. 


  • We nurture the innate curiosity of children.
  • We encourage children to find joy in their work, discoveries, and learning that will lead to a lifetime of purpose and continual self-education.
  • We establish and strengthen foundational academic skills such as reading, writing, math skills, comprehension, and critical thinking. 
  • We help each child to discover his or her strengths and build resilience and strategies for facing challenges.
  • We guide children in building positive relationships with peers and adults. 
  • We facilitate problem-solving among children in both social and academic situations.
  • We develop a sense of community in the classroom, school and beyond, and teach children to understand the rights and responsibilities that go along with being part of a community.