Lower Elementary School Day

The foundation of the Lower Elementary school day is the uninterrupted work cycle, which affords students the opportunity to choose work and become deeply engaged in it. Though the morning includes circle time to go over the day’s schedule and other classroom announcements, the majority of the morning is reserved for independent work, allowing children to work through various tasks and responsibilities at their own pace. 

Lower El students have daily and weekly assignments they are expected to complete, but there is also ample opportunity for them to pursue work that interests them, such as creative writing, investigating a math concept, or researching a science topic. Lessons are given in a variety of ways — whole-class lessons, small groups, and one-on-one. Most lessons occur in the classroom but many extend beyond. Teachers might take a group of students outside for a nature lesson or to the Gym or Theater for a lesson that involves more movement. 

While there is no formal testing at the Lower Elementary level, children have weekly spelling quizzes and periodic reading assessments. Assessments in all areas of academic progress are ongoing through careful daily observation and close engagement with the children. Teachers are continually observing children at their work, giving lessons, or working one-on-one with children. This allows teachers to get to know on a deep level how each child learns and the best ways to support each child’s individual progress.



Lower Elementary classrooms open at 8:20 a.m. to allow students time to unpack their things and get ready for the school day, which begins at 8:30 a.m. 

Morning Work Cycle

Integral to the LE school day is the uninterrupted work cycle, during which students have the freedom to engage in sustained, focused work without interruption.

Recess and Lunch at Noon

All three Lower Elementary classes break at noon to enjoy lunch in their respective classrooms. Lunch is followed by recess on the Elementary Playground for all LE students. Both recess and lunch are held outside unless the weather is unsuitable. 

Afternoon Work & Specials 

After recess, Lower Els return to the classroom for work and specials. While art, movement and music are integrated into the daily life of our Lower Elementary program, students at this level also have the opportunity to explore these areas in greater  depth with dedicated faculty throughout the week. At the LE level, Spanish is also taught as a special class.  

Dismissal at 3:15 PM


Morning Care 7:45—8:20 AM

Once LE students have completed their phase-in cycle and are comfortable with their transition to school, they may be enrolled in Morning Care, which is available Mondays through Fridays regularly and on an as-needed basis if there is space. 

Afternoon Care 3:15—5 PM

Once LE students have completed their phase-in cycle, they may be enrolled in Afternoon Care, which is available Mondays through Fridays regularly and on an as-needed basis if there is space.

Extended Day Fees

Enrichment Offerings 3:15—5 PM

A variety of enrichment courses are offered throughout the year for Lower Elementary students. Enrichment fees vary.

Check Back Soon for Fall 2023 Enrichment Offerings