Lower School Special Classes

Giving students a well-rounded education beginning at an early age is an important part of the WMS program. At Washington Montessori School, students as young as Lower School participate in a variety of specials classes. While our classrooms invite opportunity for music and gross motor movement on a daily basis, we believe that the opportunity to explore these areas in greater depth with dedicated faculty enhances children’s experiences.


LS students attend a music class once a week for 30 minutes. They practice singing, play instruments, and learn a variety of group folk dances from different cultures. Once a week, Lower School classes come together for Sing Along, which is an informal introduction to chorus. 


All Lower School students have Physical Education class once a week. There is an additional PE class held in the afternoon for full-day kindergarten students. Children learn how to play games that help build their gross motor skills, coordination, speed, and endurance. They also learn to play cooperatively, practice good sportsmanship and grow their self-confidence.


The goal at the Lower School level is for Spanish to be incorporated into the students’ everyday life. Our Spanish teacher spends a full morning in each Lower School classroom speaking to and interacting with the children in Spanish.