Lower Montessori School In Washington, CT

A 3-year program for 3- to 6-year-olds students, our Lower School encourages children to find joy in work and learning as a foundation for mastering essential lifelong skills, habits and attitudes — both academic and practical. Developmentally, children this age have an intense desire for physical independence and thrive on opportunities to assert it. 

Lower School classrooms are specially designed for the children who use them — chairs, tables, and shelves are sized proportionately, allowing students the freedom to explore the environment. The classrooms also feature tactile and visually-appealing materials that naturally engage children in learning, which cultivates internal motivation and self-esteem. Each Lower School class operates as a community, which helps children learn the art of living in a world beyond home. The continuity of the three-year cycle allows students to experience different roles, responsibilities and perspectives. 


  • We nurture the innate curiosity of children.
  • We encourage children to find joy in their work, discoveries, and learning. 
  • We build foundations for learning language, math, and other academic skills.
  • We guide children in building positive relationships with peers and adults. 
  • We create a peaceful, safe environment for learning and socializing.
  • We engender a sense of community in the classroom, school and beyond