Middle School After School Activities

Art Lab

Art Lab functions as an open-studio where artists are allowed the freedom of self-direction and to focus on works and mediums of their own choosing. We also discuss not only the formalistic qualities of a work of art, but also the intention or idea behind it, and encourage conceptual thinking. Middle School artists also have the opportunity to receive help and guidance in specific areas of their choosing. Art Lab takes place after school for 90 minutes once a week.

Music Lab

Music Lab is a primarily self-directed, collaborative time for musicians to work on repertoire of their choosing. Students sing together as an ensemble, and work on solo/small group pieces with the intent to hone vocal skills for performance. Music Lab may also include small instrumental collaborations incorporating singers, piano, cello, guitar, ukulele, drums, etc., with the option to perform in a recital in the spring.

Middle School Play

There are many ways for Middle School students to be part of the annual Middle School play, which meets after-school two days a week throughout the fall. Students can take on technical jobs including, lights, sound, props, costumes, and stage managing or can enjoy time in the spotlight.

Theater Lab

Theater Lab is an opportunity for students to further explore aspects of the dramatic arts, including set design, film production, improvisation and playwriting. Theater Lab meets twice a week after school when the MS play is not in session.