School Culture

Our desire for excellence is enhanced by an atmosphere of care and concern, and the combination of these two values is the essence of our school. There is an intimacy and an informality about our school community— our students don’t spend their day sitting at desks, they don’t wear coats and ties (unless they choose to), they don’t get grades in the traditional sense, and they call teachers by their first names. Lack of formality, however, should not be confused with a lack of structure, or for that matter, lack of manners. Our school culture is rooted in respect that extends beyond traditional indicators and polite behavior.

We believe children develop best through active, concrete experiences rather than through rote learning, and we have a strong, intentional curriculum to carry this out at all levels from our youngest students in YCC to our oldest in Middle School according to their particular developmental needs. Levels at WMS are organized according to Montessori’s theory of Planes of Development.