Montessori Upper Elementary in Washington, CT

Children at this age are empowered with increased physical and mental stamina, a greater capacity for abstract thinking and a heightened sensitivity to social issues. They have also mastered reading, writing and other skills, which affords them new reserves of energy for research and thought. Our Upper Elementary program is designed to make the most of this synchronicity with a curriculum that includes immersive experiences, open-ended assignments and an emphasis on the interconnectedness of our world. 

Upper Elementary students are encouraged to think for themselves, to explore different methods of problem-solving and to discover connections across areas of study. There is also a growing emphasis on developing real-world skills like time management, conflict resolution and collaboration.

Upper Elementary Goals

  • We encourage the development of self-reliant, capable individuals.
  • We create a challenging academic program at all levels and competencies.
  • We inspire a love of learning and help students acquire the tools necessary to learn effectively.
  • We create a safe, nurturing atmosphere.
  • We encourage students to celebrate both what they have in common, and what makes each of them unique.