Young Children's Community Program

A warm and nurturing environment for students 18 months to three years, our Young Children’s Community is a two-year program intentionally organized to support the evolving needs of growing toddlers. Children this age are keen observers and eager explorers who are on a quest for independence, but also seek a sense of community beyond the nuclear family. Our YCC program supports children’s drive to do things independently, fostering self-confidence and a sense of competence. YCC students learn and practice conflict resolution, empathy and care for themselves and others.

As with all classrooms in WMS, the Young Children’s Classroom is a prepared environment that offers freedom through structure and order. The entire classroom is outfitted with toddler-sized furniture and work. Its shelves, chairs and countertops are appropriate for toddlers to use independently, which allows children to independently care for their personal needs and, in turn, cultivates their sense of achievement and a motivation to take on greater and greater responsibilities. 

Dr. Montessori declared that education from birth to 6 was the most important in a child’s life. “Children taking in knowledge now retain it for the rest of their life,” she asserted in her book The Absorbent Mind. She describes the importance and power of a child's subconscious memory. “The impressions made there,” she explained, “remain engraved as characteristics of the individual.”


  • We offer a safe and loving environment rich in practical life and sensorial experiences.
  • We support both the intellectual and emotional development of toddlers. 
  • We encourage children to enjoy their independence and find satisfaction in doing things for themselves.
  • We build a foundation for learning and development.