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Outdoor Classroom
The Outdoor Classroom is a natural extension of our Lower School program where Sensorial and Practical Life skills are considered the foundation for academic success. The Outdoor Classroom is a prepared environment—as are the indoor classrooms—with a variety of works rich in discovery and interest from which to choose. Activities address the specific developmental needs of Lower School students—gross and fine motor refinement, creative expression and language development, to name a few. Students may tend to the Outdoor Classroom’s flowers, vegetable and herbs, or they may choose to work the water pump and watch the water spill down the sluice and into the sand. They may take turns jumping rope, or they may “paint” the patio with rollers soaked in water. See pictures from the Lower School Outdoor Classroom.

Giving students a well-rounded education beginning at an early age is an important part of the WMS program.  At Washington Montessori School, students as young as Lower School participate in a variety of specials.  While our classrooms invite opportunity for music and gross motor movement on a daily basis, we believe that opportunity to explore these areas with more depth and with dedicated faculty enhance children’s experiences. Lower School specials include music, physical education and Spanish.