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Sports Update 1.18.18

Boys Basketball vs. Sherman
The Boys had their first away game versus Sherman Middle School. The Sherman team put on a full court press, which took our team by surprise. It took us the first half to adjust to the pressure. Though we were behind by 10 at one point, we were able to bring it down to a 2-point game by the time the half time buzzer sounded. We fought hard during the second half, but just could not pull together an effective offense. Sherman held us to one basket the entire second half. We still played very tough defensively, and ended up losing by a mere 8. Final Score: Sherman 27, WMS 19

Girls Basketball vs. Sherman
The Girls Basketball team traveled to Sherman Middle School on Thursday. The game started with a strong run from Sherman, but our girls quickly responded with a few fast breaks to close the gap and come out on top as the half ended. At the start of the second half the Sherman team came out strong and started catching up to us. The girls did not stop playing their hardest until the final buzzer as they came out with a 22-20 win over Sherman. Thank you to all the parents who made the trip to come watch us! It was a great game to watch and the girls are excited for the rest of our season!