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Sports Update_10.19.17


JV vs. Rumsey
Our JV soccer team played their second game this week against an evenly matched Rumsey Hall and carried over all their positive energy from the day before against Rudolf Steiner. They came out very focused and with an incredible work ethic in the first half. We kept our shape as a team, moving up and down the field in formation, and effectively challenged every ball defensively. Our Polar Bears made their presence known to their opponents with their aggressive nature of challenging every ball and winning most 50/50 opportunities. We had a few key saves by our goalkeeper Mason throughout the first half, and we also had some opportunities to score but came up short. At the half we discussed our successes and how to to improve, then took it to Rumsey in the second half. We were a little shaky early on in the second half, but once we found our footing and out worked them, we were able to generate great scoring opportunities. Ben came up big with an impressive individual effort scoring our first goal, that resulted from a strong team effort in a counter attack. He was able to generate a second goal with the help again of Esmee, Ana, Serena, Laya and Mark led the middle of the pitch. Our outside midfielders, Elena, Lily, Bodhi, and Sydney, were our work horses throughout the game sprinting up and down the wings assisting in defending the 18 and counter attacking up field. Finally, our key to shutting down Rumsey’s attack was dominated by our outside fullbacks Saney’a, Wyatt, and Oskar who all effectively shut down any opportunities on the outside of the 18 yards box. It was a wonderful match to watch, a very successful growing experience for this team, and we couldn’t be prouder for our Polar Bears. Final Score: WMS 2, Rumsey 0