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Sports Update_10.30.17


Boys’ Varsity vs. Dutchess Day
The Boys’ Varsity team took on Dutchess Day. WMS 4, Dutchess Day 6

JV vs. Rumsey
With the unfortunate absence of Mark in defense, Coach Noah (who has opted to address himself in the third person) had to reshuffle personnel and play certain players slightly out of position. With Benjamin Lowy in goal, Ana at center-back and Sidney up front, it was an unorthodox, but by no means unaccomplished, starting XI.

The game started competitively, with both sides having their fair share of possession; however, following some lovely skill and interplay by Rumsey’s men in red, WMS found themselves down 2-0 in the opening minutes of the game. The early deficit demanded resilience and character from the Polar Bears, and WMS proved that there was no lack in either category.

In spite of conceding two goals and Coach Noah’s constantly evolving formation (the recent promotion to head coach for the game was clearly getting to his head), the JV side started to create opportunities, and it wasn’t long before Serena saw her long strike find the back of the net. 2-1. Then, on the counter-attack, WMS produced some glorious interplay between Sidney on the left and Layla in the middle, which resulted in a magnificent cross right to Charlotte, who finished the move by powering the ball into the open goal. 2-2! The Polar Bears had pulled it back. The whistle blew for half-time, and WMS had the momentum in their stride.

Following some brief feedback from Coach and players, the second half started as the first ended: all to play for. Benjamin made some superb saves in goal to keep the Bears in the game, and his clearances to the often-isolated strikers, alternating between Serena, Sidney and Charlotte, created key chances for WMS. That being said, Rumsey were committing their whole team forward at every attack, and the Polar Bear defense were soon overwhelmed. Despite Esmee and Oskar’s incredible defensive display in the second half, Rumsey netted four goals in the second half, and WMS had it all to do.

The game was far from over, however, and great interplay and communication between the wing-players, Wyatt, Sinea, Elena, and Lily, provided further chances for the Polar Bears. Thanks to the great distribution from Benjamin in goal, Serena, Layla, and Ana all found themselves in on goal that, on another, would have produced four, maybe five goals. However, the football (soccer) gods did not look down favorably on our courageous kids in blue, and the game finished 6-2 to Rumsey.

The result was by no means representative of how the JV side played, and I was extremely proud of how the team played. It has been a pleasure to coach this team for the last couple of months, and a privilege and joy to see these players improve tremendously. If you had told me in the first training session of the season that I was going to see the football I saw on Monday, I would have chuckled and quickly corrected you while I helped players pass and control the ball for the first time. But the focus and drive, and FUN, that this group has is incredible, and has made my job here all the more enjoyable. Thank you for having me!

-Coach Noah