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Sports Update_12.11.17


On Monday afternoon the Coed Basketball squad traveled to Dutchess Day for their season opener. The visiting WMS arrived to the gymnasium as a team of 8 young men and women eager for their first taste of competitive action. The WMS offensive attack was led in scoring by Ben. Vivian was the team’s anchor on defense and provided stout rebounding. Serena and Charlotte displayed tenacious on-ball defense and forced several turnovers. Wyatt and Christos spaced the floor well on offense and gave the opposing defenders trouble with their off-ball movement. Layla and Caroline both showed off their dribbling skills and excelled on the wing.

Final Score: Dutchess Day 36, WMS 14

The Boys Basketball Team took on Dutchess Day at home Monday afternoon to open their season. The score remained even throughout the first quarter with teams taking turns putting points up on the board. It looked like it was going to be a close game until late in the 2nd quarter when Dutchess Day sunk four 3-pointers in a row taking a significant lead over WMS. Our team recollected over half time and came out ready to dominate with a transition offense and a solid zone defense. While we held them off on defense, we finished several fast breaks and sunk a 3-pointer to even the score. The final quarter was an exciting 8 minutes of competition and good sportsmanship. Ultimately, WMS ended up sinking a few more than Dutchess Day to become the winner. Final Score: WMS 37, Dutchess Day 31

See pictures from the Boys Basketball vs. Dutchess Day on Flickr.