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Sports Update 2.5.18


Boys Basketball vs. Steiner

Girls vs. Steiner

Coed vs. Steiner
Our Coed basketball team traveled to Great Barrington to take on Rudolph Steiner for the second meeting this season. Though successful in our first match-up at home, this game proved more of a challenge for our younger Bears. We were a bit unprepared off the tip off with one Steiner player sinking three baskets in the first minute of the game. We tried adjusting to that player’s talent and worked hard to try and shut him down throughout the game. When their super star was taken out, we had the opportunity to work on and improve on all aspects of the game and out-played the rest of their team in both halves. Our post players tried hard to get open under the basket, while our point guard and wings passed the ball around the perimeter to create scoring opportunities. We dominated in rebounds, on both sides of the court, and were very aggressive forcing a lot of jump balls with the Steiner team. We were very shy at taking shots, especially when open as our players like to pass, but had many good looks and some nice baskets. Even though we came up short, as their top player scored most of the baskets, I was very proud of their improvement as a team and flexibility in adjusting to the situation. Final Score: WMS 15, Steiner 29.