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Summer Reading & Math

Middle School students are expected to read at least three books over the summer. Please read the Middle School 2020 document for more specifics on Middle School reading assignments.

All incoming Middle School students have received their summer math assignments. The expectation is that students will spend 495 minutes (45minutes/week) working on the lessons assigned to them. Annie, Melissa, Caitlin, Nora and Kerry will be checking progress periodically and will be in touch with students, parents, and advisors should anyone need a reminder. If students or parents have questions on summer math, they can reach out to Kerry at kdorton@washingtonmontessori.org.

Upper Elementary students are required to read three books over the summer and return to school in the fall with a project on their summer reading. Please see the UE Summer Reading List for details on summer reading assignments.

UE students are also required to keep up their math skills over the summer break. Incoming 4th years should continue practicing math facts. Incoming 5th years are required to continue working on assignments in Khan Academy. See the UE Math Letter for details.

We suggest that parents keep their children reading through the summer. Lower elementary children are at a very crucial time in their reading development. This Suggested Reading List will assist them in making appropriate choices. Summer reading at this level should be fun and entertaining.