WMS people

Update May 2, 2020

Greetings All,

As we prepare to embark on the final six weeks of this strange and surreal spring semester, I am struck by the determination, resilience, care and creativity of our community over the previous six weeks. Although this spring is like no other moment in our history, the rallying response of our community is consistent with the WMS story.  In our fifty-fourth year, we remain a committed crew of individuals with an unwavering common belief in our ability to make a positive impact in our world.  We see life as filled with possibility and have a grounded perspective to find meaningful ways to evolve and discover.  We believe, as Dr. Montessori did, every child is both a promise and a hope for mankind.

The families, staff, trustees, and extended community of WMS have risen to many challenges over the years. They have spent countless hours planning, building bookshelves, making materials, sewing quilts, reading stories and simply showing up even when–especially when–it was hard. We grew into and out of multiple campuses, purchased land, and built the beautiful home we now share. We not only survived the recession of 2008, we emerged as a leader in education and in our community. This is the legacy of Washington Montessori School and the many, many dedicated people who came before us. Today, it is not bookshelves we build or walls we paint. Now, we construct a new way to work and a new way to be together. 

We continue to strive united with quiet grace, courage and devotion; devotion to children and to the legacy of those who have, and do love WMS.  This is a dedication only achieved when driven by both passion and purpose. We know without question we are building for our children more than a new way of counting bead chains or reading poetry.  We are forging the next chapter in our story of perseverance and inspiration and we are weaving this episode into the larger narrative of who we are and who we have been over the past fifty-four years. 

It is with abiding appreciation for our community and the legacy of WMS that I join you in this next installment of our endeavors. My wish is we all find within ourselves the confidence to approach these times and any trials ahead in the same spirit of those who have come before us–as an opportunity to contribute, connect and grow.  United we will find hope where others see limits, and experience the joy of a challenge well met.

Looking forward to the journey ahead,