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Visual Arts

The goal of the Visual Arts program at WMS is to help students gain confidence in their own artistic abilities by allowing them to explore a variety of mediums. Students become motivated to explore their individual art interests.

Lower School
In Lower School, the art curriculum is designed by the Lower School teachers and is carried out in the classroom. The children are introduced to many artists and forms of art.  Art lessons are presented and the children are encouraged to explore a variety of mediums. The children enjoy working with colored pencils, markers, watercolors, finger paints, pastels, paste and glue, as well as fabrics and papers. They learn to work with control as they create their masterpieces.

Lower & Upper Elementary
Lower and Upper Elementary students have Art once a week. At this level, students are exposed to color theory and basic art history, including famous artists and art movements. The children also collaborate on projects that celebrate the cultures explored in their classrooms. Their work is displayed in our hallways all year.

Middle School
Middle School Students take one visual art class each week. There are two middle school art teachers, and each student has the opportunity to work with both over the course of the year. In addition, ceramics is taught to interested students and there is an Art Club on Tuesdays after school.