WMS people

Why We Give.

I have been connected to WMS over the past decade through my three granddaughters.

Each year, visiting on Grandparents’ Day, which has been a highlight, has given me the opportunity to feel the unique rhythm of the school and to understand its mission. But, through countless other brief encounters—picking up or dropping off the girls, attending a performance or watching sports—I have been able to observe, with great delight, the buoyant spirit of the place.

I have been consistently impressed by the comfort the students seem to feel with one another and with the faculty. While an atmosphere of informality prevails, there seems to be a fine level of respect for the needs and feelings of others and an attention to appropriate boundaries. What has been most striking to me at the school has been the emphasis on the individual, the encouragement of self-expression and an openness to new ideas. It is a place where diversity is welcome and applauded.

It is heartening for me to know that my three granddaughters have been given such a solid foundation to build on and it seems imperative that we, as extended family members and friends, offer our ongoing emotional and financial support to this remarkable place.


Patricia Gould Booth, G ’13, ’16 and ’19