WMS people

Why We Give.

We invest in the WMS Annual Fund for many reasons.  First, because I know the actual cost per student is more than tuition, we do our best to bridge the difference. For me, this feels like a basic responsibility. Beyond this, we give because we believe WMS cultivates an intrinsic love of learning for our daughter, which to us means that our daughter can enter into the world beyond WMS able to take on whatever challenges come her way.  At WMS, I feel like we are giving our daughter the best possible chance for a healthy, successful and happy life, in what looks like a very uncertain future world. More recently–as we’ve started to better comprehend how unique the educational experience at WMS is–I’ve started to see the larger positive impact WMS students have in the communities around them. WMS students are coveted and valued by high schools, companies, and communities because of the positive influence, leadership, and problem solving they bring wherever they go. We feel our dollars are well invested in the Annual Fund.

Coco and Frank Sellman, P ‘22