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wms cafe

The WMS Café provides fresh brewed coffee and tea to our community each morning. Volunteers are needed to set up and man the cart each morning.

Scope of Work — Volunteer

  • Work at the coffee cart one morning each week, from 8 am – 9 am.
  • Set up and break down the cart (includes brewing the coffee, set up of hot water for tea, milk/cream, sugar, etc). Clean and rinse all pots.
  • Collect money for coffee and tea.

Scope of Work — Committee Chair

  • The Committee Chair secures all volunteers to man the coffee cart, and is responsible for communicating the scope of work to the volunteers.
  • The Chair is also responsible for turning in all money and receipts from supplies to the PA Treasurer on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • The Chair manages, or designates one volunteer to manage, all supplies (coffee, cream, sugar, tea, cups/lids, etc) and replaces as needed.
  • Log all deposits when given to Treasurer (simple notepad).
  • Communicates with PA Chair the volunteer schedule.

Key Dates

The coffee cart opens the first week of school, during phase-in, and runs through the last week of school.

Additional Details

Coffee sells for $2.00 per cup
Tea sells for $1.50 per cup