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The WMS educational philosophy espouses the importance of the development of the body as well as the mind.  Athletic activities play an important role in preparing our students physically, morally, psychologically, and socially.  The school provides opportunity through sports and other physical activities to prepare and inspire our students in preparation for lifelong physical activity and for continuing sports experiences as they move from WMS to secondary school environments.

Students of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in WMS sports and outdoor activities. Physical education classes for younger students aim to develop skills as part of preparation. We believe that adolescent brain, in particular, is strengthened by opportunities to try new things, taking risks, making mistakes and learning from them in the athletic arena as well as the academic and social.

Key to the WMS athletic philosophy are developing a healthy attitude and comfort level toward competition, correlating the connection between health and fitness, improving self-discipline and habits, and highlighting the link between achieving personal and team goals through cooperative effort in pursuit of a common objective.  The program strongly supports the encouragement of younger students by older ones, of less skilled/ experienced students by those who are more skilled/experienced.

In order to achieve our goals and honor our mission and philosophy, we have outlined our expectations for WMS Athletes, Coaches, Parents and friends. Please read the WMS Athletics Mission Statement and Expectations.


In addition to regular physical education classes, the follow opportunities are available to students at different age levels.

Soccer is available to 5th through 8th years during the fall season. We currently offer a Varsity Girls’ team coached by Theo Grayson,  a Varsity Boys’ team coached by Greg DeRosa and a JV Co-Ed team. Teams compete against other local independent schools.

Basketball is available to Middle School students during the winter season. We currently offer a Varsity Girls’ team,  a Varsity Boys’ team and a JV Co-Ed team. Teams compete against other local independent schools.

Outdoor Club
Outdoor Club is available to Middle School students during fall and spring. Led by Middle School Head Teacher Tom Fahsbender. The Outdoor Club meets afters school on Mondays and Tuesdays for local hikes and other outdoor adventures. The Outdoor Club also take overnight camping trips.

Ski Team
The Ski Team is available to 5th through 8th years. Ski Team practices three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) at Mohawk in West Cornwall with competitions during the season.

Ski Club
Ski Club is available to Lower Elementary students and up. Held at Mohawk Mountain in West Cornwall, students can sign-up for group ski lessons according to ski level. Siblings and family members are also eligible to purchase discount life tickets and seasonal rentals. Ski Club meets on Friday afternoons for six consecutive weeks beginning when school returns from Holiday Break in January.

Tennis is available to Middle School students during the spring season. Our tennis program is led by Jessica Travelstead who is a longtime competitive singles and doubles player. The tennis team competes against other local independent schools.

Running Team
The Running Team is offered in the fall and spring and is open to 5th through 8th years. Dominic Gillen and Meghan Morse lead runners on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on a variety of terrain including Pat’s Track and local trails. Runners compete against other local schools.

Running Club
Led by Physical Education Teacher and avid runner Mimi Gillen, the running club at WMS is modeled after the national KidsMarathon program. All members of the WMS community are invited to take part in this program. Runners meet before school either on Pat’s Track or in the gymnasium. Over the course of  eight weeks, runners will have completed a full marathon-26.2 miles! This program meets year-round and often runners participate in local running events.