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loaves & fishes

Loaves & Fishes is a community outreach program whose mission is to “Feed the Hungry, Empower the Weak, Nourish the Soul”. Throughout the school year (two Fridays each month), one WMS classroom prepares and delivers a meal to the New Milford Loaves & Fishes Hospitality House. Parent volunteers are needed to assist with the planning, preparation and delivery of the meal, with the assistance of their child’s classroom. All meals are prepared by the children in the WMS kitchen.

Scope of Work – Volunteer

  • Work with Committee Chair to schedule date for their child’s classroom.
  • Organize with classroom teacher the date/time to assist the class in preparing the meal.
  • Plan and shop for meal ingredients, deliver to school, and work with class in preparation of meal (in WMS kitchen downstairs).
  • Makes sure that kitchen in clean and all dishes washed and put away in downstairs kitchen.

 Scope of Work – Committee Chair

  • Organize the program with the New Milford Loaves & Fishes Hospitality House, including dates, delivery details, and any special requests.
  • Recruit volunteers to plan and prepare the meals.
  • Create Master Schedule for classrooms, with attention to the WMSmaster calendar.
  • Follow up with New Milford Loaves & Fishes to make certain the WMS community is meeting their needs.

Key Dates

The Loaves & Fishes program begins as soon as possible in September or October.

Additional Notes

A Loaves and Fishes volunteer will pick up the meal at WMS.