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Playground Rules

From 12:00-3:15, the school playgrounds are reserved for “in school” students only. The playgrounds are available to children and their parents after 3:15.

Playing after school is a great way to build community and foster cross-class friendships. It is therefore important that the playground rules are consistent both in and out of school. It’s easier for the children to understand and respect the expectations when they don’t change.

There are rules about how to use the equipment, but also important are the expectations about how the children treat each other, take turns, etc. Below we have listed a few of the most important expectations so that you can be on the same page when you are supervising your children after school.  Please pass this on to any babysitters, grandparents, and other caregivers as well.  The children do know the rules, so we hope you can just remind them, “Playground rules are in effect after school! Thank you!”

  1. Lower Elementary (and younger) children need to stay on the playground and field. They may not enter the woods.*
  2. Only one child should be on the slide and the tunnel at a time. Children must travel downward only on slide and tunnel, and children may not climb on the outside of the tunnel.
  3. Children should not climb up or on top of the swing structures. When using the tire swing, no more than three people at a time.
  4. There should be no tag or other running games on play structures.
  5. Children should not run with sticks nor throw any objects other than balls.
  6. Children should include everyone in games and activities.

*The woods are an Upper Elementary privilege. Even after school and even with adult supervision, the woods are for UE students only. Students and parents are welcome to use the track after school hours, but please respect the “UE Fort Village.”

Thank you for your support in helping us keep the playground expectations consistent.  We think this will make it easier for all of us, parents, teachers and children alike.