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Student Life

WMS students learn outside of the classroom as well as in it. Here are just a few of the extra-curricular activities for students:

  • Through the Partner Class program, Upper Elementary and Middle School students meet regularly with Lower Elementary or Lower School students for mentoring, community building, and friendship.
  • Outdoor Education is an important week for Middle School students. They spend a week at Camp Hazen in Chester, Connecticut. Camp Hazen follows the “Challenge by Choice” philosophy, in which the individual explores their own personal limits. Students are encouraged to take risks and step outside their comfort zones in an effort to foster personal growth and self-understanding.
  • Middle School students can participate in after-school sports – such as soccer, basketball, tennis, cross country, and the outdoor club – competing against teams from other schools in the area.
  • Middle School students can participate in Art Club, an after-school program that allows them to work independently on art projects of their own choosing.
  • The Elementary School Chorus gives twice-yearly performances. The Recorder Club practices throughout the year and entertains at local nursing homes.
  • Outdoor Play is an opportunity for 1st through 8th graders to spend some time before school enjoying the woods on campus with Tim Walsh, an outdoor educator and professional mentor with multiple advanced certifications in outdoor skills instruction and wilderness first aid.
  • Middle School students showcase their artistic talents and entertain the WMS community with an annual 6th & 7th-Grade Play and an 8th-grade Play.
  • Each Upper Elementary class spends two weeks each year learning and performing a Shakespeare play.
  • The end-of-year school picnic bring students, teachers, staff, and families together.
  • Each March, eighth-year students have an opportunity to participate in a one-week community service trip—most recently to New Mexico where students study the history and culture of New Mexico and the Native Americans who live there.